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Heading 4

Image by Patricia Palma


I see clients for one to one dance classes for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you feel you have two left feet and want to learn a few moves to impress on the dance floor. Maybe you have a big audition coming up and you need performance tips or a bit of polish. Maybe you love to dance but don’t feel confident yet dancing in large groups at the professional dance studios. Whatever you need, just give me a call and we can discuss how to get you moving. 



The wedding dance is becoming a huge trend, and I have coached and choreographed for loads of couples for their special day (including my own!). I have created first dances with styles ranging from hip hop to the waltz. Whether you know exactly what you want or haven’t got the first clue, we can get together and discuss everything you’ll need to put your mind at ease and help you dazzle the crowd, and most importantly of all, enjoy it!

Break Dance Crew


Have you ever watched a music video and thought, I’d like to learn how to do that? Maybe your bestie is getting married and it’s down to you to plan the hen do, and you want to do something a bit different? Small group dance classes can be a great way to spend time with your friends and get some exercise at the same time, or just have a bit of fun doing what you love in a more personal setting. Consider booking a small group session for a work do, or to help elevate the mood and encourage relationship building for your work colleagues. Thriller workshops, Beyonce days, we have it all!



A 6 week street dance course for beginners, taking you from nowhere to somewhere, learning the basics of street dance. Working on fitness, foundational grooves, steps and routines that will enhance motor skills and general movement ability. Our aim is to give you new dance confidence and making you look good. All students will gain a DC Dance Foundation completion certificate at the end the course. 

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