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5 benefits of one to one dance coaching

Ever considered one to one dance coaching? No? Well here’s a couple benefits that just might get you interested:

  1. PRIVACY: Who enjoys learning a brand new skill with a million eyes watching? Probably nobody. Learning to dance can be a very vulnerable (maybe even awkward) situation, so doing it without an audience may make it a bit more comfortable (and therefore enjoyable)!

  2. FOCUS: In a class with 10 or more students, it can be very difficult for the teacher to get in depth with any one student. Learning one on one will ensure that you get the full blast of your teachers’ knowledge and attention.

  3. TAILOR MADE: Ever been in a class where one person was reading Wuthering Heights and another person just learning their ABCs? If you are a complete beginner, going to classes with more advanced dancers can harm your progress, not to mention your confidence. If you are a professional just looking to fine tune a few issues, you may get lost in a sea of more needy students. Private coaching allows you to move at your own pace.

  4. DO IT YOUR WAY: When do you ever get the chance to go to an open class and request your own music? You can’t ask the teacher to include moves you really want to practise, or stop the class when you have a question. When it’s just you and the teacher though, it’s a different story altogether.

  5. PROGRESS CHECK: It’s very rare in the bigger classes that a teacher will be able to watch you long enough to provide feedback. It’s even more rare that you will be able to get regular updates on your progress. If this is important to you, you should consider seeing a dance tutor individually, where you can get all this in addition to an initial evaluation and learning plan.

These are just a couple of reasons to consider looking into one to one dance coaching. If you want to get stuck in, give me a call!

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