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The NUMBER ONE most important quality when learning to dance…

…is FOCUS. Having a focussed mindset will allow you to make every single lesson count. Focus is what keeps you motivated even on days where you would rather stay home and eat a whole pack of biscuits. You can have focus wether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro. But how do you get focussed, you may be asking? Let me give you a few tips:

  1. Have a goal. Where do you want to be? Are you taking lessons so you can feel confident on a night out at the clubs? Do you want to start taking classes at the professional studios? Are you practising for a performance and want to give it your best shot? Whatever your goal is, visualise it and write it down. When you know what the prize is, just keep your eyes on it and RUN!

  2. Celebrate little wins. Break down your ultimate goal into a series of smaller ones, and every time you achieve your goal, celebrate it! Winning feels good and will help keep you motivated.

  3. Keep some kind of record. This is where having one on one classes is helpful; having your own personal dance coach will mean that you have an objective observer guiding you towards your goal, and ensuring you are staying on target. They can take video records of your practise, or simply note how you have performed at each class, and how it relates to your final goal. Having another set of eyes is very useful for keeping an eye on progress.

These are just some ways you can achieve focus in your journey towards learning to dance. Give them a go and see how they help you towards becoming the dancer you always wanted to be!

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